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5 Most Popular Backsplash Designs for Your Kitchen

Backsplash designs have been around for quite some time but they have only gained popularity until recently. There was a time when backsplash was designed only to protect the walls from things like food splatter, water etc. Originally they were only about 5 inches high and weren’t used for decoration.

These days they have become essential for kitchen interior design. Unlike before, now they have hints of bright colours and bold textures to appeal to the eyes. Apart from wall protection, they are a great way to uplift your kitchen’s look. Here are the top 5 backsplash designs for you.

Ceramic or Glass Tiles

Ceramic and glass tile designs come at a very reasonable price and are very easy to clean. They, however, require regular maintenance and the grout needs to be replaced often. These beautiful tiles are popular because they are highly durable and have a variety of designs. They do require a little maintenance but they are quite affordable. The glass tiling adds a bit of class to the tiles and adds in some light to make them even more appealing. There are so many varieties available that you will likely find the right shape, size, and texture to fit your décor.

Glass Panels

They are a bit expensive and delicate. They also require you to clean them quite often to have a neat look but it is quite easy to do so. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and you are all good. These are best suited to construct small kitchens. The backsplash design with glass panels can give the kitchen a more modern look. Smoked glass panels are best for a sleek premium look. They are also waterproof and protect your walls.

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Metal Panels

This is one of the most expensive choices and least maintenance are required for them. Stainless steel is highly durable and is quite easy to clean. However, if you are using copper panels, they need to be regularly taken care of to maintain the shine.

Chalkboard Paint Design

These are low-cost tiles with a hint of vintage texture. They have a paint that is made up of different colour pigments that gives a finish of a chalkboard. You can write different menus or items or even some colourful design to make the kitchen look alive. The chalk can easily be removed with a board duster or cloth. The default colour for the chalkboard is black which stays true to the tradition. However, you can choose other colours to get creative.

Stone Tiles

Depending on the quality, you can get a decent stone tile setup on a moderate budget. Keep in mind though that stone requires maintenance every year. Furthermore, the rough stone surface is not easy to clean. The best option to clean them is with a brush and some detergent. They are also prone to catching grease. If you want to go with the stone setup, we recommend that you use the quartz stones as they are quite easy to clean.


These were the top 5 backsplash designs that you can incorporate into your kitchen décor. If you are planning to install any of them, check here for kitchen tiles in London underground.

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