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How to Fix Cordless Shades


Cordless blinds are one of the most in-demand types for window coverings. Because they are sleek and easy to match with other styles of home décor, homeowners love them. Because they are safer than regular cord options, both pet and family owners prefer cordless blinds.


We are sure you want your blinds to look their best for as long as possible, whether they’re cellular, faux wood, or roller cordless cellular shades.


Your window treatments might break or become damaged despite all your efforts. You don’t need to panic or throw out your investment. Learn how your cordless shades can be repaired at home. It doesn’t require any special skills, or years of DIY expertise.

cordless cellular shades reviews

Just be open to learning a few tips and tricks from professionals. The following guidelines cover the most common issues that cordless blinds may encounter. Learn how to save time and find the fastest solution.

1.Activate the spring mechanisms

It is often difficult for homeowners to figure out how to fix cordless cordless cellular shades reviews that won’t move. If your blinds are kept open or closed for long periods of time, the inner springs might become inactivated. They’re not broken! Only the inner springs need to be reactivated.

You can gently lower the shade if it won’t lift up. Pull it toward your face at a 45-degree angle, if it seems like it is at the end already. The cord system in your shade should function like new in most cases. You might give the cord a few tugs at an identical 45-degree angle to what you did before.


  1. Realign Uneven Shades

If you notice unevenness in your cordless blinds, don’t pull or pull on them. These will only make your blinds appear more lopsided. It can even cause damage to your material.


Instead, grab the window covering’s bottom with your fingers. Hold the shade’s middle in your hands and pull it all the way down. You should make a gentle, but fast motion. Repeat this process with each of the blinds until they appear new.


  1. Check out the Friction Clips

Friction clips can be found in cordless blinds. They aid in the blinds’ recoil. Sometimes, problems with closing and opening the blinds can result from malfunctioning of the clips. If the clips aren’t working to reactivate or realign the cordless cellular shades or the springs, you might want to try one or more of the friction clips.


Locate the friction clips by opening up the headrail. Remove one and then reattach the headrail. You won’t need to remove more clips if your shade is operating more smoothly. Blinds that have not been properly checked may need another inspection. Keep removing the headrail until the window covering is in a good working condition.


  1. The Steel Rods should be removed

Sometimes the problem in your window shades is the steel rods. They are located at or near the bottom of the blinds. If this seems off, you need to get to work. Two long pieces of steel are needed to take out the end caps. Take one off and then put the end cap back on. If your blinds work, it’s done.


If there is still a problem you can remove one of the steel rods and put the other back in. Sometimes both rods can be removed. Do not forget to add the end caps every time.


  1. Contact the manufacturer

These are the top tips for fixing your cordless blinds. If your cordless cellular shades continue to be troublesome, it is time for you to contact the manufacturer. If you try to fix your blinds too much, they may break. So that you don’t waste any time or cause further damage, the manufacturer can quickly point you in the right direction.


Visit the manufacturer’s website and find their customer support number. Once you are connected to a professional they will guide you step by step towards a solution. You might also find valuable tips in their video library.

cordless cellular shades reviews


You will get better customer service if you buy window treatments directly than if the products were sold at a big box store or hardware shop. They’ll be familiar with all the details and techniques involved in creating your blinds.

Cordless blinds: How to Install them in the Comfort of Your Own Home


Cordless blinds provide a fresh design. It’s also possible to repair them yourself. These tips and techniques will be helpful when you switch to cordless blinds.


Also, it will ensure that the blinds you purchase from a trusted manufacturer are made of high-quality materials and last as long a time as possible. If you’re not sure how to fix it, don’t be shy to ask for help. Your friendly pros can help with any problems you may have, just like they did when you purchased the product.

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