Cordless Shades and Blinds Make Raising Lowering Easy

Cordless Shades and Blinds Make Raising Lowering Easy

Solar Shades & Nighttime Privacy, Explained

Solar cordless roller shades are a great option to reduce glare, block harmful UV rays, and still have a view of the outside. But don’t worry! There are many ways to have great daytime views but still keep your privacy at night.


Solar Shade Openness

Each solar shade fabric comes with a different openness percentage. These percentages are ranging from 1% – 14%. They show how many UV rays are allowed through the fabric. Fabrics that have lower percentages of UV rays are more tightly woven, while fabrics with higher levels of UV rays have a more open weave.

cordless roller shades

Solar cordless roller shades aren’t like traditional Roman shades or roller shades. Instead, they use openness percentages to describe the fabric. These openness percentages are used instead.

So it can be hard to understand how transparent they can be and what level of privacy they provide. This guide will explain more about solar shade transparency levels.


The Bali Dual Shade offers the most direct way to let the outdoors shine in the day and keep it dark at night. Dual shades provide the best of both, as they combine solar shade and roller shade in one compact unit. 


When the sun is shining, you can lower your solar shade and turn on your blackout roller shade. It’s a great way of enjoying a different style in the day than at night. A dual shade is also fun. That’s amazing!


Solar Shade Privacy Option 2: Curtains

The curtains and draperies can add dramatic texture to any room. You have many choices for fabric patterns, colors and trim. Also, adding curtains to your solar cordless roller shades will draw your eye vertically. This will make your ceilings appear higher when they are not being used.

Solar cordless roller shades are a great choice for areas where privacy, UV protection and daytime views are important. Solar shades can be used alone or in conjunction with curtains to make a window covering system. It will provide privacy or light protection at any level.

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