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How Cordless Blinds or Shades Work


One of the best things about blinds or Custom cordless cellular shades is their ease of use. Traditional blinds and shades could be operated using a pulley system. This lets you adjust the light and privacy levels to your preference. What is even better about these versatile window coverings? It’s a system of cordless blinds.


Some people don’t like the sight of cords hanging from their Windows. This is especially true if multiple windows are grouped together. Each window has its blind or shade, and each window treatment has a separate cord.

People are also concerned about safety, and want to ensure that a child and pet don’t get entangled with the cords and get hurt. There are many reasons why cordless blinds can be a great solution.

custom cordless cellular shades

If you are wondering how to use cordless shade and blinds in a room with a corded treatment, then they can be integrated. You may find that cordless shades or blinds can be preferred in certain rooms. They can be used in bedrooms, particularly for children’s bedrooms, to protect them from any potential cord injury.


Kitchens are a prime location, so don’t let cords get in the path of countertops appliances. Blinds or shades that don’t have hanging cords look sleeker and more professional. If you are looking for window coverings that have a modern and clean feel, cordless blinds or shades will work well.


How to Operate Cordless Blinds or Custom cordless cellular shades


Before we talk about how cordless blinds are made, it is essential to first understand what a cordless window treatment actually is. These window coverings conceal the typical cord based lift system at the top (in what is called the headrail), and at the bottom (the rail).

This system still retains its tension, which allows your shade to remain in place when raised or lower. To lower the window treatments, simply pull down on the bottom rail. When you’re ready to raise the treatment, push it from the bottom.

You can use pull tabs to hold the bottom rail, or you can grab it with your fingers. The same principles apply to cordless Top Down/Bottom Up blinds. But you also have the option to move the shade upward or downward from the bottom rail.

One more thing to know about how to operate cordless blinds. Instead of having to adjust the louvers with a wire, the cordless versions of blinds come equipped with a wand which you twist to let in or block light.

These cordless blinds/shade mechanisms can be easily paired with a motorization system. This type of automation allows for the most convenience, and it is well worth looking at when ordering custom window treatments.

Cordless operation can be used in many window treatments: cellular shades (rollers), solar shades (solar shades), Roman shades, wooden and faux-wood blinds. There are many options available when you choose custom window covers.

Stone side offers professional design expertise to help you navigate the maze of choices. One of Stone side’s design experts will meet you during a consultation and discuss your plans for new window treatments. You will learn about all the options for colors and patterns as well as decorative add-ons.


Because they are manufactured in the United States, our cordless window blinds or shades come with additional quality assurance. Each product is carefully assembled and tested at our facility.

This ensures that the cordless system will work flawlessly. Our technicians in-house ensure the highest quality installation. They are knowledgeable about all of our products. We will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to operate your blinds and Custom cordless cellular shades cordlessly before we finish.

Cordless window coverings offer many advantages in both function and appearance. They will enhance the aesthetics of your home and give it a fresh, timeless look. Stone side invites you to contact them for more information.

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