QuickBooks Error 1303

Fix QuickBooks Error 1303 – Installer has Insufficient Privileges


Ordinarily, QuickBooks clients experience different errors while installing the software, one such bug is QuickBooks Error 1303. This kind of error typically shows on the screen, when the installer doesn’t have a total expert for getting to the directory, actually like a way to the directory. On the off chance that you are likewise confronting any such error and need to know what all techniques would work in fixing these kinds of errors, at that point this article will work in support of yourself. 

This article is composed with an expectation to fix this sort of error and the client will locate some doable arrangement steps to investigate this error code in this article. Be that as it may, a convenient solution for the equivalent can be to connect with experts of our QuickBooks Error support group. 

The basic explanation for the event of this error can be the point at which the system isn’t having legitimate authorizations. 

At the hour of installing QuickBooks desktop, the accompanying error prompts: 

Error 1303: Installer has deficient advantages to get to this directory. “C:\.. \intuit” 

Elements causing QuickBooks Error 1303 

  • This error can accompany fundamental PC use. The client may unearth this kind of error while uninstalling applications, updating applications, and manually changing to certain Windows parts. 
  • QuickBooks Error 1303 can likewise be seen, when the system isn’t having full control. 

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 1303 

Discussing the means to fix this bug, there comes two potential strategies that the client can actualize to change the power settings for the system. Checkout the handy solutions to the error. 

  1. The client can make a utility that resets the system gatherings and all the gathering authorizations settings to Windows default settings. 
  2. The client can likewise change the authorizations for the system by manual methods in full control and folder C:\ Records and Settings\All Groups for All Users. 

The highlight be noted here is that the utility won’t chip away at Windows Vista as the file structures and consents may be extraordinary. The authorizations can be changed manually, on the off chance that the error is additionally seen in Windows Vista. 


  • Click on PermissionsFix.bat file. 
  • Click on save and save this file on the desktop of the system which has been influenced. 
  • Now, double tap on the file. This will open the DOS window on the desktop screen. Type ‘y’ at brief. 
  • This will reset the consents of the folders that have been influenced and will change settings to default. 

Note: To start the content, you should type ‘y’ in lowercase. 

  • As the file runs, the client will press any key to leave the DOS window. 
  • After every one of these means, the client needs to embed the QuickBooks CD and attempt again to install. 


For manually changing consents, the client should have full control for the system and everybody for the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users. 

For Microsoft Window Vista 

  • There are a couple of steps for evolving authorization 
  • Initially, Click on the Start button 
  • As the beginning menu opens up, the client would now be able to click in the Start Search territory. Enter the way C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\ and afterward click OK. This will open the window with the folder. 
  • In this window, hit Organize and select Properties. 
  • From that point onward, the client is needed to choose the Security window in the property area 
  • And afterward click on the Advanced button 
  • Click ‘Edit’ and afterward again on the next screen 
  • Look down to the rundown of consent entries and double tap on the system client 
  • In the Allow segment, the client is needed to choose the checkbox for the full control column and afterward click the OK button. 
  • The client is needed to check the crates that have been named with the legacy consents on all relatives with heritage consents from this item. Now, in the Advanced Security Settings window and in the COMMON FILES properties window, click OK. 
  • Install QuickBooks. 
  • In the event that the error actually perseveres, follow the means underneath: 
  • Right-click on the Start button and click on Explore 
  • Pick the Tool menu and select Folder. 
  • After that Click on View tab and look down to Advanced Settings List 
  • Now click on ‘Utilize straightforward file sharing to clear the container’ 
  • At long last Click on OK and Install the QuickBooks. 


The techniques expressed above will assist the clients with settling the QuickBooks Error Code 1303. Yet, on the off chance that the error isn’t settled, you can contact our Intuit affirmed QuickBooks Support group Our specialists are accessible nonstop and will give the most ideal help with fixing the error code 1303.


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