How Will Social Life Be After COVID-19?

The entire world is in a big threat of Covid-19 nowadays and the entire process of quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing has changed our social habits. Research has investigated what social life will be like after Covid-19, what awaits us, and the public’s thoughts on the subject.

Wind of Change: Life after Corona…
During this distressing period that we experienced, each of us saw and experienced Corona’s reflection in our life. However, what fears the most is uncertainty. When will this process end, what we assume that how we will be living then?

The human brain can twist basic models in unlimited ways, changing what it knows. Absence from home, closure, restriction, work processes being at home are the process for many age groups that they may even not expect which they are doing to continue their earnings possible in these circumstances too. Cheap essay writing service UK offers their employees to work from home safely however, it is difficult but this is the way we have to make all the process possible and yet effective. The changes which have made today may leave their impact and can change our lives even after.

The human mind is like a huge forest alone, containing memories or sensations, where intellectual maps can be infinitely situated. When this forest is combined with previous discoveries and experiences, unknowns and fears emerge.

Changing Shopping Habits
This may be a hard time for shopping lovers as they are locked in their homes and even by force they cannot move out because of the threat for corona and its quick spread. Here comes the online shopping concept very successful and even getting more sales nowadays. As people being at home all the time scrolling down their Facebook wall get online shop advertisements thus, considering buying online rather go out. The whole situation will leave a positive impact on our lives too and due to the advantages and positive experiences provided by online home shopping, Corona thinks they will continue to shop online in the future.
The priority begins with anticipating when the Corona process will end. Later experiences are blended with changing habits, and the changing consumer and foreseen plans are created.
Different Perceptions regarding Corona and its End Point:

70% of consumers believe that the risk of Corona will disappear within 3 months and life will continue in a new routine after 6 months. But; Consumers, who now experience that life is not rosy and everything can be down at once, are willing to bring a controlled sociality to their lives.
• Controlled partnerships
• Simplifying lives
• Awareness raising
• Paying more attention to their loved ones, their health, and their personal attitudes
• Maintaining its priorities through the comfort and well-being of nuclear families
• To want to live more peacefully with nature
Participants, who started to think that contradicting with nature and disrespecting nature’s red lines had negative effects on human life, stated that they started to be more sensitive about health, simplification, and social responsibility issues.
The whole pandemic really brings people more towards nature. The participants, who think that they have lost their safe areas, think that they want to take control again, create a new comfort area and that the “sense of trust” should be redefined before both official institutions, companies, and brands they work with.
People, who believe that the actions taken, the decisions taken, the relatively unsuccessful management of state institutions, understand that after-the-fact approaches are the cause of today’s chaos. In different countries, where there have been various crises going on for a long time, “there is a realization that there are underlying deficiencies in many areas such as internet infrastructure, government institutions, health policies, and education are very dominating”.
Participants who wanted to communicate with more scientific data stated that their spiritual sensitivity increased compared to the past, and they took refuge in the science for information/control/process management and the spiritual world for the end of uncertainty.
It is not surprising that “freedom” is one of the most remembered concepts in research. During the period in which social isolation continued, participants mostly focused on “making decisions and understanding them”.
However, corona may end but there must be post-corona effects which will be drastic as the neurological people will be adopted to the new life and will hesitate for;

  • Being in crowded places
  • Going to hospitals
  • Limiting overseas travel
  • Using public transportation
  • Café and restaurant visits

What are the Future Expectations and Steps to Take?

  • There is a long-term risk planned public administration expectation.
  • It is expected to plan flexible and fast-paced business processes from business life to social life, rather than strict rules, and open HR practices to mix business life.
  • It was emphasized that a management approach that “takes the people to the center” and “does not take away from the feeling of unity” with system administrators, employers, government agencies and companies should be established.
  • This shows that all entities should spread the rules that they say are “fraudulent to the endpoint and never happen in the future”, otherwise employees’ dissatisfaction and loyalty may be hampered badly.
  • This shows that more plans are needed to avoid economic problems, disclosure of all kinds of crisis structures, regional crisis desks, and local action groups.
  • Brands that can bear the crisis, not from an opportunistic point of view, but with the logic of “tackling the problem together and simplifying it” will gain a big place in consumers’ hearts.
  • The clothing industry seems to be experiencing the return of digital channel use, social media usage, online sales channels, and expectations ahead of the end of the summer before the end of the summer. There will be fast weather.
    Brands that combine social responsibility, personal awareness, nature, and sustainable life messages with the essence of the brand, and do not give their messages only as functional benefits seem to have a successful sales graphic in the post-Corona period.
    In a Nut Shell:
    Since last 4 months when corona started to spread from China reaches to us 2 months before has changed our track of living and we have now accepted the facts and making our lives possible without going too many outsides. Dine out is finished though online deliveries are preferred most now. Though Corona is a pandemic but must say will change the face of the entire world or we can say that it comes to change the lifestyle of human being and to turn humanity towards nature more. What so ever, I must Stay home stay safe!

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