genius cool single retractable screen

COOL Retractable Screen Doors – Easy-To-Install Genius Screens

COOL genius screens can be installed in 30 minutes and you only need a power screwdriver to install them. Enjoy the convenience of these easy-to-install screen doors when you buy from Metro Screen works!


Screen doors can provide all the benefits of the outside without any bugs or unwanted visitors. Because screen doors are lightweight, they can be easily installed by DIYers.

Before buying a screen door, determine the size you require. Take the measurements from the jamb on your exterior door. These dimensions should include width and height. 

Wooden doors can be more traditional but need to be stained or painted regularly. Vinyl doors come in either black or white and are easier to maintain. Vinyl is famous for its durability.

1. The advantages of a screen-door

A screen door can be attached in front of existing doors. Many screens are made from lightweight aluminum and vinyl. This means that they don’t require heavy-duty hardware for installation and won’t place undue strain on your back or front door frames. 

They’re thin enough that you don’t need to move an existing hollow-core, hollow-core steel, wood, or fiberglass door. Screens also have the benefit of airflow. If used with a panel of glass, they let in sunlight during winter. Many screen doors can be purchased for less than $200, making them cost-effective.

2. Types of screens

There are many screen door options available to purchase online, hardware stores, and specialty vendors.

Most common is the hinged screen door. These doors attach to exterior doors either in front or behind them using three-part hinges. Some screens only have aluminum or vinyl frames. Others have glass panels which slide and lock open. These sliding-open screens are often equipped with dampeners that prevent them from slamming when closed.

genius cool single retractable screen

A sliding screen door can open and close on a track. It can use either roller (or tensile) springs. These are often used with sliding patio door backs.

A newer option is the genius cool single retractable screen. They are rapidly gaining popularity. These screens include a metal frame that mounts to either the outside or the inside edge of a jamb. It also includes a top and bottom track, a canister to house the screen on one side, and magnets or hooks on both sides to keep the door open on the other. 

When the screen is not in use, the spring in the door pulls it back into the container. This allows the screen door to retract almost completely. These screens are usually more expensive than their aluminum counterparts.

All screen doors include a handle, latch, and locking mechanism. These locks can be easily broken and should not be used to secure your door.

3. Installation of a screen door


With a few simple tools, installing genius cool single retractable screen doors is easy. You may need to cut some of the tracks and screen to fit. Although the instructions are detailed, these doors require patience and time to put together properly.

Hire a professional if you plan to install a hinged, gliding, or screen door. It is not as hard to install these doors as a solid wooden or metal front door. However, they should be carefully set not to affect the security of your entryway door.

It is important to leave 3/16 inches between your screen doors and the jambs on each side. Make sure your door is securely in place with shims. To remove excess door material, mark it with a straight edge or circular saw. Smoothen your edge using a sanding block.

Most store-bought, vinyl screen doors have hardware that can be reversed. The screen door should be placed on the same side with your exterior door’s hinges. You will need a smaller drill bit to drill pilot holes at each of the locations you’ve marked. Attach your hinges using exterior screws that are included with your screen door packaging. Exterior-rated hardware should be used with exterior and screen doors.

Genius cool single genius cool single retractable screen


Some screen doors come already equipped with handles. Others let you pick where your handle should go. The new handle should not interfere with the existing exterior door handle. Mark and drill the holes to mount the handle. Then, follow the instructions. You will need to locate the correct location for the screen door latch. 

Please close the door and place the latch against it. To attach the latch, mark the pilot holes with a small drill. Attach the door latch. Allow the door to open/close several times until it is fully functional. Finally, use screws to attach the spring- or hydraulic screen-door closer.

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