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Solar Screen Shades Vs. Roller Windows Shades: How to Choose the Right Option


Both solar screen shades as well as roll screens offer protection against ultraviolet radiation. Solar screens or window films help conserve heat, reduce air conditioning costs, and protect indoor spaces from UV deterioration. How do solar shades and roller Roller Window Screens films function? 


Which one is better?


This article compares solar screen shades with window films. This article will provide an overview of the pros and cons of both solar screens shades and windows films.


What are Solar Screen Shades and How Do They Work?


Solar screen shades can be made using a special mesh for treating Roller Window Screens. Solar screens combine the strength of PVC and fiberglass coatings to create a polyester weave. Because solar screens are installed on windows’ exteriors, they block out harmful UV rays. Solar screen shades are available as a range of materials. They can be installed on the exterior of windows and provide privacy.


What are Roller Shades?


Roller shades are equipped with a rolling mechanism. This is found at the top of each shade. When not in use, it contains the window cover. The top and bottom parts of the roller shade are made from vinyl, cloth or both. Shades come in semi opaque, semi sheer, sheer and blackout colors, depending on the fabric they are made of. Shades made of blackout fabric or traditional roller shades can provide privacy with little visibility from the sides, regardless what the perspective is.


Solar Screen Shades: Advantages


There are many types of solar shades, each with different ratings. These ratings can be used to determine whether the product is certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council. Here are the main benefits of all solar screen shades.


Climate Control

It can be frustrating when high temperatures are being experienced in rooms with multiple Roller Window Screens that allow for direct sunlight. Solar screens, which are installed outside of windows, make it easier to keep temperatures cooler. Installed solar screens can be maintained properly to ensure lower temperatures without incurring excessive energy costs. 


Residents can decide to remove solar screens in winter depending on how warm they prefer. This is because solar screens restrict the sun’s heat from entering the property.

Solar screens reduce energy consumption by keeping indoor temperatures down and blocking sunlight. The solar screens work in synergy with the HVAC systems without putting unnecessary strain on them. You can expect to save money over the long-term.


Protection Against Heat, Glare, & Harmful UV Rays


Furniture and household appliances can be damaged from prolonged heat and UV radiation. Solar Roller Window Screens offer a solution for furniture and appliances near Roller Window Screens. A solar screen will let you enjoy your TV screen while avoiding the sun’s glare. Because you won’t have to deal at all with the sun glare at home, solar screens can help improve your vision.


No Privacy at Night

Solar screen shades offer most of their benefits during daylight hours when the sun rises. Solar screens can be easily viewed at night even without the glare of the sun and lights from inside. To maintain privacy at nights, curtains or drapes might be required.


Limited Choice Of Colors & Designs

You will only find limited options in solar screen shades. If you are looking for an attractive upgrade for your property, this might not be the right choice.


Climate Control option for all weathers

Roller shades offer the flexibility to be open or closed. They are a great solution for controlling your climate. They can be used for keeping the sun’s rays out or in depending on your desired ambiance.


Diverse Features & Designs

Roller shades come with many options for colors and transparency to fit the interior of your home. There are options for shades that allow some sunlight through and those that completely block the sun. Remote control options are also available to control the operation and appearance of roller shades.

Roller Window Screens

You can control multiple roller shades with one remote control. Some roller shades can also be controlled via smartphone apps.

Roller shades can last up to ten times longer than sunscreen shades. Roller shades can last for many years with proper maintenance.


Models that are pet- and child-friendly

Some manufacturers offer remote-controlled roller shades that can adjust to your room’s decor. This ensures that the shades do not close if anything is in their way. This gives residents the peace of mind that all their loved ones are safe.

Maintaining a Fresh Look requires constant maintenance

Over time, roller shades may get stained. Cleaning roller shades can be a difficult task due to all of the various mechanisms. It is better for roller shades to be cleaned by professionals than to attempt to clean them yourself.

Rooms with High Moisture

In rooms with high moisture levels, some versions of roller shades require constant maintenance. With high humidity levels, motorized parts might not work as well.


Conclusion :

Ask your Roller Window Screens shade or roller shade installation professional about the features and characteristics for the model you are thinking of purchasing. The price of your product will also be affected by what features and attributes you choose.

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