What Are The 7 Steps To Creating A Sales Plan?

How do you make a successful plan for anything? You think about a strategy and you act upon it. While you can keep thinking about a strategy, not executing the strategy will be a waste of your time and efforts. But equally important is how you plan your strategy before executing. Haphazardly acting is like going into the middle of the battlefield without armour and firing like crazy. In short, it is suicidal. A well thought out sales strategy can help your business get ahead with minimal risk.

Look at Your Past

It is a good idea to first assess your past to see where you can land in the future. Do yourself a favour and ask these questions. How much were you able to sell? Who were the people who sold the most? What kind of businesses or customers your sales team targeted? What kind of client-base brought in the most profit? What was your target and were you able to achieve it? Most of all, did your strategy work as intended?

Customer Profiling

Most successful companies do customer profiling. Categorize what kind of clients gave you the most profit and had the shortest sale cycles. This will enable you to figure out the top clients by establishing a list of prospective clientele. Dig deeper into analytics and see for who, when and where. This will enable you to accurately profile your customer base.

SWOT Exercise

SWOT analysis means bringing your Sales, marketing, and product teams together for risk and threat analysis. Bring your team on the same page and ask them what assets are under threat and what can be done to minimize those threats. Look for external and well as internal factors. It is also essential that you know your products. That way you should know which products sell more and why.

Marketing Strategy

Now it is time for planning where you need to be going. When you are thinking about a marketing strategy, consider asking yourself these questions. How can you grow your profits and to what extent do you expect them to grow? How much profit do you think existing products can pour in? Will the new products turn in more or less revenue?

Set Clear Goals

After you have assessed your past and current standing, and have figured out your revenue targets, you can then set realistic goals for turning in more revenue. Ask your sales, marketing and product teams to work together to devise a plan that will conform to your goals. Don’t let your sales team go all on their own.

Clearly Position You Products

This strategy will help you decide how to position your products correctly to achieve maximum growth. You may have different segments that you need to position differently. Look for opportunities in existing markets and accounts with different products. What are the companies that will meet your customer profile? Identify them and project your products to them.


The last step is to execute the plan. A functioning funnel will help your sales team achieve your targets. Microsoft Dynamics CRM online professional can help you create a functioning funnel to execute your plans.


These 7 steps will help you in making a realistic and executable strategy. With clear priorities and defined targets, your team can work towards working each goal in a well-organized manner.

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