what is the best way to disinfect a bathroom

What is the Best Way to Disinfect a Bathroom?

If you are enjoying breakfast or lunch right now, I suggest you wait until you finish your meal, read this post today. We are really going to talk about personal and toilet Are going Not only are we going to talk about the humble toilet, we are also going to visit our bathroom and look at pictures of my toilet bowl. Our online friendship is going to a new level! From Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner to Toilet Cleaning… oh yeah!

Cleaning vs Disinfection

To start our toilet talk, let’s talk about cleaning vs. disinfection, as these are actually two different cleaning actions performed with very different cleaning products.

In my humble cleaning opinion, most of us need to be cleaned regularly, not disinfected. Cleaning involves regular home maintenance: dusting, wiping surfaces, using soap to wash our hands, washing and wiping the floor with warm water and possibly soap, vacuuming, mirrors and glass wiping, etc.

These cleaning tasks are usually done with water. And a natural soap or detergent, such as castile soap or sal suds, which maintain a home from removing unwanted dust and dirt. Regular cleaning maintenance encourages that “put together” look at the desire of many of us (a subjective term when you have young children … the struggle is real).

Disinfection is an activity that is (usually) done after cleaning and in my cleaning opinion, should be done much less frequently in the average household.”Purifying … alludes to murdering a high level of germs on a surface or being not able to repeat them.”

Purifying arrangements with something past earth, oil, or residue. By taking out awful germs, which can make us wiped out. I trust it is important to consistently clean every surface in a cutting edge house. Presently when the stomach infection is thumping, or I cut crude meat on my #1 cutting board, I am utilizing natively constructed disinfectant splash.

That being said, there is an area of ​​the house, which I think should be disinfected regularly on a regular basis (and this is where we get all personal with toilet talk and pictures, handle yourself ): Hard-working toilet bowl!

How to clean and strip a toilet bowl, naturally

I have two most loved dishes for cleaning latrine bowls at home: a fluid cleaner and a powder more clean. Both cleaners clean the toilet bowl very well. My choice between which to make and use a cleaner is usually the only thing I have on hand, and if I need a long term storage powder or short term storage liquid cleaner. Right now, I am using a powder cleaner.

Cleaning the toilet bowl with one of my homemade cleaners is as simple as spraying or spraying the cleaner on the sides of the toilet bowl, and then letting the toilet rest in the toilet for a few minutes. Very easy! Just think, a homemade cleaner that is easy to use as a store-bought cleaner, but without the secret ingredients.

Once the cleaner rests for a few minutes, it’s time to clean it! To complete this next step you will need an accessible toilet bowl brush. Scrub the cleaner against the sides of the toilet bowl. Then, flush the toilet. The toilet bowl is now clean (AKA: dirt and, well, you know what else has been removed).

Now is the time to disinfect it. When it comes to naturally disinfected surfaces, two elements work very well: hydrogen peroxide and / or vinegar. In the kitchen, both of these disinfectants are a powerhouse when used back-to-back to disinfect a surface (you must mix the two materials together in a cleaner). When it comes to toilet bowl disinfection, I use only one ingredient: hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.

Essentially connect a shower spout to the hydrogen peroxide jug or vinegar bottle (if your vinegar bottle is of mass size, just empty vinegar into the latrine bowl or add vinegar to a different splash bottle). At that point, splash or shower disinfectant on the sides of the latrine bowl. Permit the disinfectant to rest for 30 minutes so it can neutralize germs, at that point flush!

If you want to use vinegar to disinfect your toilet bowl, but hate the smell of vinegar, use the citrus-infused vinegar we made last week (vinegar before pouring or spraying into the toilet bowl Do not concentrate).

Presently your latrine bowl is normally spotless and purified!

Powder Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Cleaning the toilet bowl with one of my homemade cleaners is as simple as spraying or spraying the cleaner on the sides of the toilet bowl, and then letting the toilet rest in the toilet for a few minutes. Very easy


  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup borax
  • 1/2 cup coarse ocean salt or legitimate, you can locate a cheap 3lb box all things considered markets. Try not to squander cash and utilize costly mineral rich salt like Himalayan salt in this formula.
  • 15 drops essential oil or preferred cleaning essential oil
  • 1 top with openings, for example, an artisan container drink top, or a Parmesan cheddar clincher. Utilize this top just when powder is required. The top used to store the powder ought not open the powder to the air.


  • Combine ingredients in a storage container.
  • Clean the latrine bowl: Sprinkle the sides of the latrine bowl. Permit the powder to rest for 15 minutes, at that point scour the latrine with a brush and flush with the latrine bowl.
  • Clean the latrine bowl: Spray hydrogen peroxide or vinegar on the sides of the latrine bowl, let the splash rest for 30 minutes, at that point flush.

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